(IT’S SOOO ) Scents Of Organic Oils An All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Deodorizer Spray, Cleansing Powders ,Scented Perfume body Oils, Aromatherapy Scented Candles,Natural Raw Body Butters!

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8oz Spray Bottle $13.00 Plus Shipping and Handling

23oz Spray Bottle $17.00 Plus Shipping and Handling(Currently unavailable)

32oz Cleansing Powder  $13.00 Plus Shipping and Handling

1/2 oz $10.00 Signature Scented Body Oil Spray Plus Shipping and Handling

4oz Raw Body Butter Jars $10.00 Plus shipping and handling

10oz Signature Scented Aromatherapy Candle Jars $12.00

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Product Descriptions

IT’S SOOO (Scents Of Organic Oils) is an Proprietary blend of Essential Oils that are Antimicrobial Substances that destroys And suppress the growth of micro Organisms including bacteria and fungi that causes odor. Use your home, office space, car vehicles, or any room where needed.Can be Used  in closet spaces, on  glass surfaces , marble, wood, on  kitchens appliances, bathrooms, countertops garbage cans etc.Removes dirt, dust, and stains  from stainless steel, kills bacteria causing odors and much more. Our Natural Deodorizer Sprays Are Multi-Purpose and can be used in oil diffusers for Aromatherapy use to relax and receive many benefits of using essential oils….

Custom made  Scents include: Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Sandalwood, Cranberry, Pomegranate Ginger, Jasmine, So Minty, fresh pine, baby Powder, fresh Garden, black cherry and more!

All scents available in cleansing Powder form as well To Clean and Sanitize, Deodorize kitchens, bathrooms, Carpets, garbage pails, and Garbage disposal, use on laundry loads and dish Washing and much more!

Lavender – Our lavender Scent has a flowery smell to help you calm down as you relax. As part of the mint family our lavender scent will bring a fresh clean aroma to any room.

Lemon verbena – Our Citrus Scent of lemon Verbena, It’s a sweet burst of fresh lemons to awaken  any area where used.

Cranberry – Our fruity Scent will bring a soft smell to any room or workspace.

Black Cherry –  This strong fruity aroma of wild cherry scent that will awaken  any room or space with each use.

So Minty – Our Minty Scent that gives you a  clean scent with a touch of spearmint that you’ll love when used.

So Fruity – This Scent gives a burst of fresh fruits of apple, oranges and lime to  awaken any area where used.

Fresh Garden – Our blend of the fresh outdoors and sweet aroma of fresh grass and flowers give you a scent of summertime with every use.

Ginger –  Our bold Spicy Scent to eliminate odors, leaving a crisp clean aroma to any room or space upon use.

Pomegranate –Our burst of sweet fruity  flavors that you will enjoy to liven up any room upon use.

Jasmine – A light Scent of sweet aroma of fresh  flowers with a hint of lavender.

Sandalwood – This fragrance has a soft, smokey scent that is light and smooth.

Fresh Pine– Our version of fresh Pine has a clean smell of Sage and lemon oil to aromatize Any Home or office space.

Strawberries and Cream – This  fragrance awakens any room or space with a soft and sweet smell of fruits and berries with a touch of cream fragrance.

Baby Powder-Our blend of baby powder will leave any area scented with a fresh clean hint of vanilla and cream, you will want to bathe in this scent!