It’s Scents Of Organic Oils

Scents of Organic Oils  is a “All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Deodorizer” Spray developed out of an increasing consciousness and need for cleaning products and natural body products that are  eco-friendly and affordable and effective. Our products offer a natural alternative to using traditional cleaning products, Our Cleaning and Deodorizing Sprays are Multi-Purpose to clean in a variety of ways. Scents of Organic Oils products is a proprietary blend of essential oils to Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize, offered in Powder form, available in a variety of custom made scents. As a multi-purpose product, Scents of Organic Oils Products can be used to Clean, Sanitize, and Deodorize while removing dirt, dust, grime, and odors from surfaces like wood, Granite, Marble, kitchen areas such as counter tops, stainless steel, vehicle interior, pet areas, glass, bathroom cleaning, and more. Also can be used to Eliminate Odors to freshen bed linens, carpets, shoe Odors ,rooms and much more. Our Deodorizer Spray can also be used as Aromatherapy to relax while used with a oil diffuser to Aromatize any room in your home, work areas and office space. We also offer aromatherapy candles available in a variety of scents as well. We hope you transition to using Scents Of Organic Oils as a natural alternative to Clean, Sanitize,Deodorize and relax in a natural way.

Our Signature Perfume Body Oil Sprays, A Proprietary blend of skin moisturizing and calming essential oils leaving a lovely soft scent of goodness in its own unique way!